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What Type of Writer are You?

29 May

I’m not talking about your genre. I’m talking about how you work as a writer. Knowing this about yourself and working to complement your strengths can help you maximize your productivity and become a better writer.

Let’s go over the different types, shall we?

Burst Writers

If you’re a burst writer, you like to get all your writing done in one setting. You will be best writing for a block of 2-3 hours each day. You’ll sit down, write quickly, and get it all done. Even if you can only put in half an hour, you’ll still be productive.

Is this you? Then make sure you have a block of that time that you can use every day just for your writing. No distractions.

Graze Writers

You graze writers out there will to come to the computer and work for 10 minutes, get a snack, come back and write, then call a friend… So on and so forth. Graze writers like to have short periods of writing, followed by a break.

If this sounds like you, make room in your schedule throughout the day to allow for those periods of writing. Take every opportunity you have to get in writing time. Instead of checking Facebook, consider using that time to work on your story.

Binge Writers

The binge writer is someone who doesn’t write for months. This type of writer will spend that time planning. Then, for a few months at a time, the binge writer will write like crazy. At the end of this, they will collapse. And then go back to planning.

If this sounds like you, learn how to outline, and outline well. Planning will become essential for those few months when you write like a crazy person.

Steady Writers

This type is someone who craves writing daily. You need it. Writing for hours every day sounds better to you than anything.

If you’re a steady writer, make sure you carve a chunk of time that is your writing time. You will work best if it’s consistent every day. A burst writer can sit down and write anytime, but a steady writer will work better within a regular routine.

How Knowing Can Help

It doesn’t matter what type of writer you are, as long as you know. If you’re not sure, read over these again and find out. Try different strategies, and keep track of the word count you achieve with each one. See which one makes you the most productive. You might be surprised.

So, what type of writer are you? Have I missed any? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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